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Due to regulations we are not allowed to ship seeds and potting mix to WA or TAS. Sorry for that

NON-GMO/Open pollinated/no chemical treated seeds

Spicy, grassy and curry like flavour.  Often used in the Indian kitchen.  Has many health benefits


Fenugreek microgreens

  • Pre-soak first for 4-6 hours

    Add 2 to 3cm of soil in white tray.  Spread evenly. Use spray bottle to wet the soil surface with water until you see a sheen of water. Allow the water to soak into the soil.  Sprinkle the soaked seeds evenly over the tray and spray again.

    Cover the seeds with another tray and add a weight in the tray. Place the tray in a well ventilated  dark place for germination. Check twice a day and give light spray. When seeing roots appearing give them a light spray too.  They can not dry out!

    When the little plants start pushing up the tray, it is time to reverse the green tray and place on top of the white tray.  Now you have a dome. Leave them in the dark space for a few days. Don’t forget to spray twice a day. When the little plants are 3 to 4cm high it will be time to let them show the light. From this moment we water from below!  Harvest between 6-12 days

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