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More and more people are aware that food is the most important factor in a healthy life. 

You are what you eat!. 

At Easy Microgreens we would like to increase awareness that microgreens are categorized as superfoods, and should ideally be a foundational part of your daily meals, instead of just a garnish on top of your salad.

We recommend you replace your salad leaves,  and greens with the baby plants(microgreens) give your body  4 to 6 times* more nutrients than mature vegetables!

Superfoods like microgreens are what your body needs for peak performance! 

On top of that when you eat traditional, non gmo, non pesticides /insecticides seeds and use filtered water to grow your seeds it just adds on to your healthy intake, supporting your immune system.

Remember life is not a game.  We do not have credits!  We have to treat our bodies with respect and give them what they need to function properly and to protect us against ever increasing and aggressive onslaught of bacterias and viruses! 

Do you know you can easily, and cost effectively supplement your  family meals with highly nutrient and super delicious salads that you grow in a tiny space - even on a city balcony or in a sunny window spot.

* recent study by Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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