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 Workshop microgreens

Easy Microgreens will organise work shops in Buderim and online.  During the course we will teach you how to choose your seeds,  what growing medium to use, how to prepare your seeds, how to sow, maintain and harvest your little plants. 

For work shops in Buderim we have a minimum attendance of 4 people and maximum of 8 attendees.

Upon arrival every individual will receive a microgreens growing kit( 3 sets of growing trays, organic soil, NON-GMO, chemical free pea and radish seeds, a spray bottle and instruction.(RRP $60)

These trays will be used during the workshop and can be taken home. 


When you leave the two hour session you will have an idea of ;

-What microgreens there are on the market

-What grow mediums you can use

-How to prepare your growing trays before the seeding

-How many stages there are in the growing process

-How to take care of them during the pre-soaking, germination and black out period.

-What to do when having some issues eg mould

-How to harvest

-How to clean and sanetise the growing trays after harvesting.

Price for the two hours workshop is $90.

Book your session here

Book your microgreens workshop

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