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Taste peppery, spicier flavour.

20g  for (30x21cm growing trays)

1 Harvest

Not chemical treated and Non GMO.


Due to bio security regulations we can not ship seeds to TAS or WA.  Sorry for that!

20 g Green Mustard microgreen seeds

  • In Soil, coir peat or hydroponics

    You need 20 gr for a 30x21 cm tray

    Pre soaking is not needed


    Add 2 – 3 cm of soil or coir peat to tray. Flatten soil to level. Moisten soil. Sprinkle seeds evenly over surface and give it a good spray.

    Cover seeds with another green growing tray and store in a well ventilated, dark spot to germinate for two or 3 days.  Add a weight in the green tray.  Water 1 – 2 times daily  the seeds.

    When little plants are +/- 1cm high, remove the green tray and expose the little plants in the light. Still water twice daily but now from the bottom(in green tray).  Start with half a cup of water.

    Harvest: 8-12 days

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