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Its tangy and peppery flavor will make any dish stand out. This tasty green leaf is extremely popular at restaurants used as a garnish and now you can enjoy growing this in your home.


NON-GMO/Open pollinated/no chemical treatments


In Soil or coir peat

Two harvests!

Seeding rate 15 gr for  1 harvest w 30x21 cm tray


Pre soak NO



Add soil in the white tray and flatten. Spread the seads evenly over the tray.  Spray the seeds and soil with fresh water.  Do not overwater! We use filtered water.


Cover the white tray for 1-5 days with another tray.  Store in well ventilated area away from light until the seeds germinate.  When the roots are visible give them a light spray and spray the green tray with a little bit of water.  This is to avoid the roots  drying out.  Lightly water 1-2 times daily.


When the little plants are about between 1-2cm let them see the light. Not in full sun.  Water 1-2 times daily.

Harvest: 10-14 days.

Rocket salad microgreen seeds

PriceFrom $8.50
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