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Non-GMO.  No chemical treatment.  Open pollinated, non-hybrid.  Var. Petroselinum crispum.


Use 10g per tray using 30x21cm trays

Fill the white  tray with potting mix. Moisten the soil, so it is damp but not wet (muddy).

Evenly spread the  parsley seeds on the soil.

Add  0.5cm of soil on top of the parsley seeds.

Gently water the soil until the top layer of soil is saturated and the seeds are in contact with the water.  Place the tray in a warm area to help the seeds germinate. Place a green tray inside of the white one and add a weight on that tray.

Check for water and spray twice a day Parsley takes a long time to germinate in comparison to other seeds. Keep on checking the tray until you have little plants growing. Can be 10 days!  Lets say 1cm plus.  From that moment remove the green tray and let them see the light.  Not in the full sunlight.  At that moment you start watering the microgreens from below.  Start with a 1/4cup daily. Don’t forget to give them a bit of ocean solution organic nutrient.  Once they start looking a bit like parsley it is time to start harvesting

Harvest +/- 21days


Triple Curled Parsley microgreen seeds

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